Monday, November 29, 2010

Midnight Madness!

Well my parents and I got crazy and decided to go out for some Black Friday shopping.
We went to Brandsmart USA and it opened on Thanksgiving night at 12:00.
The madness begin immediately when we pulled into the parking lot.
It was hard to have my pictures turn out cause it was dark and the pictures just do do the justice.
This is the line from the front door. It wrapped around the side of the building but right at 12 they let people in and the line moved pretty quick. For anybody who doesn't know what Brandsmart is, it is a warehouse store with all electronics and such. I wanted a tv and my family needed all sorts of other things so we went.
This is inside and there are people EVERYWHERE but its hard to see and get the whole effect. We grabbed what we wanted quick because stuff was flying off the shelves before our eyes. My dad snagged a buggy and we headed towards the check out line.
This is the most ridiculous part of the night. The line to check out was crazy. But we finally got out after like 30 min so it was not that bad of a trip plus we got some great deals on everything. We didn't go anywhere else except for bed cause it was almost 2 by then. It was a great trip and worth it. The pictures aren't that great cause I took it on my blackberry cause I left my camera at home but oh well. I'm going to put a 2 Hauls and a few more videos this week so keep watching and thanks for the support!
xoxo-Beauty has no limits

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