Thursday, November 25, 2010

Goble Goble

Well today is the lovely Thanksgiving!! (lovely time for me to pick my diet to loose 25 pounds)
Anyways, being home with my family was great and I have no idea why this goes together but I have decided to put my YouTube and blog back up. I had some confidence issues before but now I think the more I think about it I am ready.

I would love any and all the support I can get. So check out my YouTube and Twitter and share some love and hopefully I can share a few tips myself!!
xoxo- Beauty Has No Limits

ps. sorry this post is a little bit on the boring side. I've just made CHRISTMAS cookies!! And then me & my family are headed to Brandsmart at Midnight for the Black Friday kick off sale. Def. taking my camera!!! More post to come!

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  1. Lovely! I'm glad you got over your confidence issue and are back!