Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend Event

So not this weekend but the weekend before me, my boyfriend, and my two girlfriends went out. We all go to the same university and decided to check out some parties for Friday night. The first was a bust and we were all ready to leave as soon as we arrived. We finally found another one near by and headed there. I was going to do a real quick OOTD of my outfit I wore. Almost 100% of it was from FOREVER21 and I will try to recreate it and put some links to create it yourself.
So this is my boyfriend. He is much taller so you couldn't see everything in my outfit but I wore a floral skirt, black tights, black leather boots, white v-neck and a black leather jacket. It was very chilly so thats why I grabbed the jacket and tights. My jewlrey was simple with a black watch, silver necklace and simple earings. Straight hair and pulled my hair back and this was taken on my blackberry so the picture isn't that great but I did a light smokey eye and everything else basic. :)

These are my two girlfriends who went with us as well. We all met freshmen year first semester and have hung out since then. I would have taken more pictures of my outfit before leaving but we left our place in a hurry. I'm going to make some OOTD make up videos since I missed them the past week.

Links to FOREVER21
(if your not into these bold prints, you could do a solid color skirt)
*this isn't the same one i'm wearing but close and a great price*
(if you wear a solid skirt, try a contrasting color v neck. these are cheap at F21)
**I tried to keep everything as low on the price as possible**
Hope you guys enjoyed my OOTD post :)
*beauty has no limits*

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